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NOTE: ECUView project has been indefinately suspended. See the index in this directory if some web search engine brought you here. Basically, I can't work on ECUView until I can afford to get my car fixed. Please go ask digital tuning about their product if you want hardware information now. Yes, it's over 2x as expensive but they've got the right price to profit and self-sustain; I'm not making any money off of this and thus it's not really worth it for me to work on this. I can't even help the fact that my car is dead and have no time or money to fix it, this project was a total waste of time for me. Compounding the problem, I have issues with the attitude of many in the DSM community. I'll try my best not to be like them but can't help the evil within to "treat others the way you got treated." One messageboard comes to mind as well as other communication channels. "GFY." Cute, I never would have thought to write that. You can go do that yourself.

I'm switching over to domestics once this is all done and through too, been with the Jeep community as well, and they're not nearly so abusive.

Please don't mail me unless you can help me or there's some synergy to be found, again I might still respond but likely I'll just ignore those mails.

A FEW KITS AVAILABLE NOW! Professionally made PCB - ECUView 1.1B+ kits available now!. Limited time offer and quantities. Includes all electronics components, PCB, wire, fuse. A limited time offer/preliminary 1.2B+ kit will be available soon. Note: These are preliminary kits and may still have bugs. Solderring experience is a must, do not purchase if you've never solderred before. These are somewhat hard to solder as it's very compact, but there are no surface mount devices. Click here for details

Want to know your knock sum on your 1G DSM? How about timing advance?

That so-called DSM Knock LED mod(Note, some useful "knock LED" background is there too, so if you want to read about it, click) just doesn't do what it sounds like it's doing. ECUView fills this gap!

Photo of ECUView 1.2b+ Mini Rev 0.9 PCB
Hardware 1.2B+, Software version 1.4B - Fully contained, does not need ALDL interface cable, just about small enough to fit in a 2.25" gauge pod

ECUVIEW: The DSM 1G Inexpensive ECU Data Display Unit

Please fill out this survey if you're interested in this product. I think I've gotten the 1.2b+ version shrunk down to gauge pod size, and this will be the only version that will be fabbed from now on, as long as parts are available. I will have a few of the full sized 1.2b+ at lower cost for those cost sensitive applications.


The answer is 42. No, it's 43. No, either way, if your knock count gets this high, you've got problems!

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The ECUView was designed as a low cost ECU Knock sensor viewer for 90-94 Diamond Star Motors (Talon/Eclipse/Laser) vehicles. I believe 1991-1992 Galant VR4's also work, as well as possibly 1990-1992 3/S's, but no guarantees on any car other than Tulita until the beta testers try it out on their cars. So far I've heard of reports that GVR4s work! Sorry, 2nd Generation DSM's won't work (See FAQ for more details).

It was designed and built from scratch as a low cost stand alone unit that shows one ECU reading (Hardware Revision 1.2 / Firmware 1.4 has two readings) that's easy to view while driving. This was designed for the stock, factory ECU. Modded ECUs may not work, I don't have data on any third party ECUs because I can't afford one! However, someone has mentioned that they're using the ECUView with a TMO Stage III ECU and it seems to work.
This design was "Windows Free". I did not use Microsoft Windows at all to build ECUView. Software debugging, writing, and burning was performed on my Linux workstations with gnu gpsim/gpasm/picprog, and the PCB was drawn in xpcb. Berkeley SPICE was used to simulate the ECU I/O port. Initially I was using my 200LX but it got too small and slow, and Linux worked better anyway. I designed and built the ECUview to help me diagnose my car's annoying phantom knock issue, which still remains today...

Demo! MPEG demo of ECUView 1.4 Prototype (HW 1.2A). 330KB. The timing advance is on the right, knock on left.

The ECUView is essential to tuners who don't want to spend much money or just want to view their knock/timing advance in real time. Note: this product is NOT a logger, per se, it merely displays current conditions - thus, a meter. This product is not for you if you want to keep the data for future analysis, or if you want to see interactions between more than one piece of data. For those applications you want a full datalogger, either PocketLogger (Digital Tuning), Tunerstein, or TMO (Technomotive)'s datalogger. I've not seen Pocketlogger or Tunerstein, but I will give thumbs up for TMO, definately worth the $300 for their setup.

This device is best for the driver who is worried about detonating his or her car on the street when forced to use low, 93-octane gasoline (since it's not your normal 'race gas'. This meter should also should work in timing advance mode on NT cars as a tuning option, but is really of limited use in this mode, except for curiosity's sake.

The final version has its own connection (so you won't need to buy the cable separately.) These will have a "plus" (+) symbol in their model designation. I was planning on one that requires the cable, but I decided against it and you'll need to hack your own if you want to use an existing cable. Circuit will be on the web at some future date.

For the FAQ page, it's at http://q.dyndns.org/~blc/ecuview/faq.html

For the Revisions page, it's at http://q.dyndns.org/~blc/ecuview/revision.html

ECUView Firmware Copyright 2001-2002 by laser92awd. All rights reserved. May not be reverse-engineered, decompiled, or reproduced in any way. Contains sample software from Arizona Microchip.

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MPEG demo of ECUView 1.4 Prototype (HW 1.2A). 330KB
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