1.1B+ Assembled
ECUView Kits
Comes with instructions, PCB, passive parts, LEDs, ECUView chip, transistors, fuse, wire.

1.1B+ kit is only $50 plus shipping and handling!

Note: a KIT is an unassembled version. You will need to solder the unit together.

Regular 1.2B+ kit is $60 plus shipping and handling (Not available)

Shrunk/Final 1.2B+ kit is $70 plus shipping and handling (Available Soon!)

I have limited quantities, so first come first served. To get one, send email to laser92awd@q.dyndns.org to reserve your kit. You will not get a kit unless you get email confirmation. As I don't have many, I don't want to promise a kit unless I have one. The reservation process goes like this:
1. You send email to laser92awd@q.dyndns.org stating you want a kit, and mention if you want it sent priority mail ($5 insured) or UPS Ground ($8) for the contiguous USA. More for other places, but I suggest you not buy it if you don't have a regular USA Federal or California DSM ECU. If you know TMO/Pocketlogger/Tunerstein don't work, this won't work either. Remember, this only works on 1st Generation Eagle Talons, Plymouth Lasers, and Mitsubishi Eclipses. Galant GVR4s work as well, and no other cars are known to work for sure. Sorry, no CODs as of yet. Please mail what car you have to let me make sure you don't order one for a car that it doesn't work on.
2. You will get a reserve notice with payment instructions. At this point you need to either send payment by paypal, money order, or cash if you're local. This reserve notice is valid for 7 working days, you must get payment to me within the valid period.
3. You will get notice when it gets shipped, with the tracking number if applicable.
*ModelQty Avail: KitsQty Avail: Assembled ProtosPrice
0%1.1b+ CA (1side pcb) 10$50
10%1.1b+ CC (smaller)11$50
30%1.2b+ Standard01$60
60%1.2b+ Mini11$70

* : If I produce more of them, this is the breakdown of how many of these models I'll make.

Parts included