Tulita in Half Moon Bay, CA Tulita at Intel Outdoor Parking Lot Tulita's fanny in Santa Clara, CA
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Car's Given Name: Tulita "the b17ch" "the sleeper" (Hey! it's a PLYMOUTH!)
Etymology, Contraction/merge of "Two Liter"
1992 Plymouth Laser RS
No, it has nothing to do with the Chrysler
or Dodge Laser, it's half Mitsubishi!

2.0L 4G63 Mitsubishi Engine, 7.8:1 CR
6-Bolt motor
Stock turbocharger TD05H-14B, 11 PSI boost
5 speed manual transmission
Factory Stock Side Mount Intercooler
AM/FM/Cassette/Equalizer/CD input
Automatic shoulder belts
All Wheel Drive / limited slip center differential
4-bolt, Limited Slip Rear Differential
Factory rear air spoiler
Kumho ECSTA 712 205/55ZR16 Road Tires
AR Alloy wheels
Air Conditioning - retrofited to R134a
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Factory removeable/tilt-up moonroof
Fog lights
98000 miles
Jeeps are for off-road and hauling stuff. DSM is for on-road driving and hauling @$$.
Since I don't race, I don't know how fast it goes, but it should be getting 15@90 or something for 1/4 mile. Likely I'll never test it for real.

- Replaced rear hatch struts (yay it holds up now! :)
Note: partially removing the back panels will make it a lot easier. Having a second person to help makes things go smoother. The bottom two bolts are the hardest thing to get off/on.
- Replaced front brake pads with ceramic dustless pads
- Fixed cigarette lighter, temperature sensor, power steering sensor
- Fix motor oil leak
- Needs AC schrader valve for high pressure side.
- Needs to be cleaned inside
- Determine boost problems (phantom knock???!!!) Using the ECUView to watch the knock.
- Rear brake pads are squeaking occasionally on reverse (pads look ok?)
- Fuel filter replacement
- Fix exhaust leak someday
- fix the booboo I did on the fender :( "Ouch! That DID HURT!"
- Talon rear end :) Hmm.. maybe I should have gotten an Eagle Talon?
- Maybe I should just leave it stock, nice for it to look like anything
- Accurate boost gauge, boost controller
- Front Mount Intercooler (Ok, it'll be a functional rice mod :)
- New ACT2100 or CFDF clutch
- 2.5" or 3" exhaust
- remove stock turbo/intercooler stickers =D (at least they are currently hard to see)

I don't recommend using FRAM oil filters so I don't remember the part number on it... So even if you have a Eagle Talon or Mitsubishi Eclipse, you should still avoid them...
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