The ECUVIEW [PRELIMINARY, Not set down!]

Please fill out this survey so encourage me to develop and distribute ECUView! Mention you're interested in a 2G version (Timing advance mode only)!

I don't know if I will market this but it may be at some point. Please send email to if you're interested in this product with the words "dsm ecuview" somewhere in the subject. All mails without the two words "dsm ecuview" in the subject may be deleted as an antispam measure.

ECUView Firmware Copyright 2001-2002 by laser92awd. All rights reserved. May not be reverse-engineered, decompiled, or reproduced in any way. Contains sample software from Arizona Microchip.

ECUView Firmware Version 1.0, ECUView Hardware Version 1.0
  • Initial version
  • Displays knock sum
  • Shows incorrect timing advance

  • ECUView Firmware Version 1.1, ECUView Hardware Version 1.0a
  • Fixed jittery display
  • Fixed Power On Reset (HW 1.0a)
  • Timing advance display works (Note: negative timing produces weird results)
  • Started peak hold routines, nonfunctional in this revision.

  • ECUView Hardware 1.1 PCB prototype
    ECUView Firmware Version 1.2, ECUView Hardware Version 1.0a
  • Fixed Peak Hold routines(untested)
  • Changed negative advance to print E1 through E6, where E means nEgative
  • Started changing input routine to allow more input selects
  • Version 1.2a (longer hold time) will be first distributable version!
  • Version 1.2a also prints out a negative sign instead of "E".

  • ECUView Firmware 1.3 - Scrubbed, totally broken.

    ECUView Firmware Version 1.3a, ECUView Hardware Version 1.1
  • Pushbutton Selectable input selects
  • See HW 1.1b/SW 1.3b for pushbutton selects. The regular version has four buttons and correspond to indexes 0 through 3 as below. There is no indication on the display on what mode the device is in.

  • ECUView Hardware 1.1b PCB Production PrototypeNote: A0 board, has pcb defects
    ECUView Hardware 1.1b PCB Production PrototypeAlternate/A1 revision
    ECUView Firmware Version 1.3b, ECUView Hardware Version 1.1b
  • Use ONE push button to go through all the modes.
  • Couldn't fit as many switches onto the PCB so they were minimized.
  • There are 8 modes to cycle through for this version, though only the first 3 are "normal" modes:
    0|-5Knock Sensor Realtime
    1|-HKnock Sensor, high count held for a few seconds
    2ttTiming Advance, degrees, w/o base timing
    3t|-UNSUPPORTED: Throttle Position Sensor (RAW data) or SUPPORTED: Throttle Position Sensor percentage (0-99%)
    4H4 or 50UNSUPPORTED: O2 Sensor Voltage (Rough Estimate)
    5H5 or 1CUNSUPPORTED: ISC steps (RAW data) (Removed on newer versions)
    6H6 or CtUNSUPPORTED: Coolant Temperature (RAW data) (Coolant Temperature, Fahrenheit, multiply by 10 to get real reading)
    7H7 or 11UNSUPPORTED: Injector Pulse Width (RAW data) or SUPPORTED: Injector Duty Cycle (0-99%)
    Some of the modes may have changed. I think I swapped modes 1 and 7 because of an issue with the PICs not wanting to remember what mode it was in last, but this has been fixed.
    Revision 1.3c: Fix injector duty cycle. Bug reports wrong duty cycle, fixed in this release.

    ECUView 1.2 Hardware solderless Prototype
    (Planned) ECUView Firmware Version 1.4, Hardware Version 1.2
  • Save the last display selection across restarts/power cycles instead of defaulting to knock sum
  • Capability to use more than 2 displays to monitor two stats at one time.
  • Hardware rewire needed, not compatible with 1.0 and 1.1 boards, but board cost changes only slightly (3rd/4th display is largest cost)
  • This is the revision which the MPEG was recorded.

  • Possible improvements

    ECUView 1.2+ Proof of Concept1.2+ Proof of Concept
    ECUView 1.2+ First Revision PCB1.2+ Prototype 1-sided PCB Revision
    ECUView 1.2+ Final PCB???1.2+ Work/Shrunk PCB
    ECUView 1.2+ Tiny1.2+ 2.1"
    Hardware Rev 1.2+
  • "Plus" (+) versions of the hardware represent versions with the datalogger cable integrated

  • "Plus" circuitry completed. Implementation is successful.

  • This is the revision that's in my car. If you chance upon a beat-up black '92 Plymouth Laser RS AWD in Northern Colorado, you might see it on my dashboard. (No, it's not in an A-pillar for now. Don't want to attract too much attention as my car is really slow.)

    (Depending on sales, not planned) ECUView Firmware 2.0, HW Revision 1.2(! - same HW should work fine.)
  • OBD2 version, if I ever get an OBD2 car.

  • (Depending on interest, and ADDITIONAL parts cost) ECUView HW Revision 2.0
  • Use a cute 2-line backlit LCD module instead of LEDs. This will probably double the cost of the device. The LCDs are *not* cheap!
  • 70% chance of using the AVR 90S2313 instead. Dealing with the possibility that the "Plus" circuit won't work.
  • Design work is in progress.
  • Supplemental information
    MPEG demo of ECUView 1.4 Prototype (HW 1.2A). 330KB
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    Last changed December 2002