ECUView Survey

Just a survey to find out interest in ECUView. I haven't decided whether or not to produce/distribute these because it takes some investment that I don't have cash for...

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0. Your car?

1. Do you already own a datalogger?

  • Technomotive
  • Pocketlogger
  • Tunerstein
  • Alex Peper
  • Homemade, other freeware, or borrowed from a friend
  • Other datalogger software
  • Never datalogged before

    2a. Which version would you prefer given size and capability?

    2b. What package would you prefer?

  • A-Pillar gauge with 0.3" displays
  • DIN sized with 0.56" displays
  • Cigarette pack small box with 0.3" displays
  • Profec(R) sized box with LCD
  • Profec(R) sized box with LEDs
  • Other (fill in the blank)

    3. Which would you prefer to buy? (These are NOT real products/prices!)

    I suppose if you already have a datalogger you'd prefer the "Requires Separate ALDL purchase" as you'd already have it. But that's allright... I was initially targeting this unit for people who don't already have dataloggers, but it would be helpful for those who do, too. Likely I'll offer both at the same price though.

    4. Would you buy a kit to build ECUView yourself? (These are NOT real products or prices!)

    5. Please type in any comments you want here, including if you have interest in buying a beta tester copy of the ECUView on a PIC chip (totally functional, just the PIC chip with schematics, Version 1.2a Firmware / Hardware 1.1, and you'll need to come up with the rest of the chips/devices.) I ran into some serious supply problem and need to redesign before I can start sending samples again.

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