I decided to split up this page. Now this only includes my test equipment and things used to fix other equipment.

Power supplies
Homemade linear benchtop power supply
Harrison Labs/Hewlett Packard 6427A Rackmount power supply
FLU3 40W switch mode power supply
Homemade switch mode/SEPIC converter with LT1070CT

Harbor Freight Tools Battery Rant

Multimeters and other voltage measuring devices.
Comparison of my multimeters
Vintage Eico Model 555 Multimeter (1960s)
Vintage Heathkit Model V7A Vacuum Tube Volt Meter (1958)
Hacking a serial port on my Centech P98674/Mastech MS8229
Viz WD-750A Voltohmyst Digital Multimeter (1980s)
BK Precision 2833
Radio Shack 22-216 Analog autoranging multimeter

Other Projects and information
Poor Man's Solder Iron Controller
ESR meter
My oscilloscope collection (and what I used to have)
Fork of Jesper's MiniDDS

For the curious, this is my most commonly used Electronics tool list:

Fluke 77-II Autoranging multimeter (3200 count display)
BK Precision bench true RMS multimeter (4½ display)
Cen-Tech P98674 autoranging multimeter (3¾ display)
Tenma 72-4025 multimeter (3½ display, transistor tester, frequency meter, Capacitance)
Homemade 1.2-16V 0-2A current limited variable DC benchtop power supply
Harrison Labs 0-18V 0-15A current limited variable DC rackmount power supply
Cen-Tech 93984 IR thermometer
Harbor Freight "Helping Hands"
Ungar 4624 solder/desolder rework station
Weller 8200N 100/140W solder gun (for those big ground planes/heatsinks)
Noname 898D+ hot air SMT rework station (clone of clone...)
Homemade 0-5Ω high frequency AC ohmmeter
BK Precision TR-110 Isopack isolation transformer with voltage select (safety matters)
Powerstat 1168 10A 0-130V Autotransformer with GND mod
Sabir 350VA 220V autotransformer
Sencore LC53 Capacitance/Inductance meter
Vu-Data PS941B 20MHz Analog dual trace Oscilloscope
Tektronix 2465 300MHz Analog quad trace oscilloscope (repaired!)
Tektronix 2440 300MHz 500MSa/sec Digital dual trace oscilloscope (repaired!)
Eico 555 multimeter
Heathkit V7A VTVM (Vacuum Tube) SOLD
Vintage Eico 320 150KHz-34MHz fundamental + (22-102MHz) harmonics Signal Generator (Vacuum Tube) SOLD
Vintage Eico 324 150KHz-145MHz fundamental +(110-435MHz) harmonics Signal Generator (Vacuum Tube)
Monsanto 113A Timer/Counter (not working very well - controls have oxidiation)
four row solderless prototyping board
Superior Instruments Company TD-55 Vacuum Tube Emission tester

Stocked components

hundreds of through hole ¼W resistors
hundreds of through hole ½W resistors
hundreds of through hole ceramic disc, polyester capacitors from 5pF to 2.2µF
hundreds of through hole aluminum electrolytic capacitors from 0.1µF to 4700µF
a few large can aluminum electrolytic capacitors from 10mF to 330mF
Collection of potentiometers, HD44780 LCD displays
Collection of rectifier diodes, zener diodes, signal diodes, Schottky diodes
Collection of bipolar germanium transistors, PNP
Collection of bipolar silicon transistors, NPN and PNP
Collection of bipolar silicon darlington transistors, NPN and PNP
Collection of N-channel MOSFETs
Collection of SCRs and TRIACs
Collection of 7400 series TTL ICs
Collection of 4000 series CMOS ICs
Collection of 8-pin op amps, comparactors, line drivers
Collection of UV EPROMs from 2708 to 27160
Collection of Atmel AVRs
A few of EEPROM devices
A few through hole CPUs, 80287's