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Welcome to Vanade.com (formerly q.dyndns.org)


Q, aka "Queue" has been the name of my machine since 1995. It was formerly named as Multiplex, but I got tired of typing such a laborious name. The actual computer named Q, however, has been renamed to Yuri and now used as a workstation instead of a server. Since I'm lazy, I don't want to change domain names so I replaced it with another machine. This "new" "machine" is known as "Doujima," which is a virtual machine on one of my servers.

Vanade.com was chose because the bastards at dyndns.org don't want people with single-letter names anymore. Then again, they also stopped providing free service, so I ordered a new domain name. This is just a name change, everything else is still the same as before, minus some cleanups of changing hostnames.

About the new hostname: "Vanade" has no meaning, or at least it has as much meaning as "Verizon" "Xerox" or "Vonage". It was chosen as a random, English-pronounceable non-dictionary word, and reserved for futures. My current pronounciation is "van ADE" (like the beginning of the name of the metal Vanadium) and rhymes with "arcade," but I suppose it could be pronouced "VA Na day" (stressed syllables like the word vanity) or "Va NA day" -- pick your own pronunciation, either way, it's easier to pronounce than "khjdwe.com".

Please see Terms of Use before linking to this server. Not responsible for anything that happens to your links if it lands on my server.

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Report general questions, etc. to: blc at mail vanade com

It's a miracle! The beast skinned itself!-Nessingwary trapper, World of Warcraft, Wrath of the Lich King


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[Ads go here... but we don't have any ads, so nothing goes here and nothing to help pay for this network connection!

So, since there are no ads, and it costs me money (electricity, hardware repairs, and time for maintainance) to keep this server up, there are lots of restrictions to usage and linking to this server. See Terms of Use before linking.

Do you want to donate some cash? So you can have a little space here to advertise your wares? Feel free to send mail to webmaster or sysadmin. Note that I will be very selective on what kinds of ads are acceptable.]