The Q: Continued Modification

Intel Pentium Pro Processor Die

The computer you're looking at web pages off of right now is actually named Doujima. Doujima is a multiuser Linux machine, serving files/web pages and servicing console applications.  The Linux Documentation Project Homepage describes a lot about this freely available GNU-licensed operating system.

This server was put together as an experiment, repository, and depository of data. As the owner is an avid programmer, many programming experiments go on. It's a repository of data and images for friends and family, and a place to dump data wherever the owner and friends of the owner may be on the 'net.

Doujima is configured mostly as a workstation/server for the console and remote users. Due to (usually) vast amount of unused diskspace by wise removal of unused data, there's usually quite a lot of space free.

Oh... and why was Q named Q? Well first off, this hostname is borrowed from another computer whose name is really Q! Ok, now that we got that straight, No, the owner isn't a Star Trek fan, but it did influence the final name. A single character name was wanted for the machine: the name "multiplex" was its original name, but it got boring typing 9 letters so it was decreased to one. And Q (originally meant as Queue... sounded like a better name than "X" or "A" or .... ;)

Doujima is/was:
QEMU KVM Virtual Machine - for power saving
Athlon XP 2100+ - running RAID5
Single Celeron 1.3GHz Tualatin 256MB/30G - back to single CPU
(Midgar) Dual Celeron 464 256MB/30G - Hmm... Dead Celeron still alive
Single Celeron 300A 384MB/30G
Dual Pentium Pro 200 104MB/30G - Became Subaru
Single Pentium Pro 200 16MB/6.4G - Upgraded to dual motherboard, then second cpu

Q is/was:
(Now Yuri) Pentium 4 Prescott 3400MHz 3G/200G
(Now Kei) Athlon Thoroughbred 1863MHz 1G/60G
(SOLD) Athlon Palomino 1733MHz 0.5G/60G - Became Kilala
Athlon Thunderbird 850 - 384M/13.7G - Became Kagura
Dual Celeron 464 128MB/13.7G - The CPUs are not good... overclocked the heck out of it - thus the Athlon to replace it
Pentium Pro 233 128MB/2.1G
Pentium Pro 133 32MB/2.1G Unused, crashes too often
Pentium 100 16MB/850MB Became Cirrus
Multiplex/Q (same computer, different name):
486DX/33 8MB/400MB
386DX/40 4MB/40MB, then 8MB/260MB Original "Multiplex"

Ouka : i3-4160 12GiB/2TB
Hinoki : Pentium-M-1600MHz 1GiB/120GB

Other computers:
(SOLD) Aeris, P100/40M/4.3G
(Donated) Rinoa, P3-1133/512M/40G
Subaru, now a VM host

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