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Redundant and external resource status information - This page is a dumping ground for environmental status information from hardware.

System Hard Drives / RAID - md software RAID

Last updated:Tue Jul 23 17:48:01 2024
VolumeStatusVolume Size Disk Codes:Active/Failed/Spare
/dev/md126raid1 active511 MiBsdc1[0] sdb1[2] sdd1[1]
/dev/md127raid5 active3721 GiBsdc2[0] sdb2[2] sdd2[1]

Disk Status

Firewall activity

Motherboard Sensors - Intel Core2 Quad 9550S on Intel DQ45CB motherboard - using Intel Management Engine + Quiet System Technology

Temperature Interactive Browser

Ambient conditions

Uninterruptable Power System - Eaton/Best Power Patriot Pro II 1000VA UPS

Likewise this is disabled until new batteries are located for the UPS. Perhaps this section may be swapped for PV system data, who knows...would be great to be able to use off grid power.
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(SVG) (PNG) Power History: SVG Format, requires newer browser.
Notes: an * is marked where a power failure was detected.
A % is marked where missing data was detected, usually because

  • upsd was killed due to software upgrade, system reboot or shutdown
  • upsd was killed due to power outage, accompanied by an *
  • ups serial cable was disconnected
  • old bug in upsd omitting data under timing race condition
The UPS system uses three typical 6V 12AH at C/20 rate (Power Sonic PS6100F1, Universal Battery UB6120) Sealed Lead Acid batteries. Due to Peukert's law, at typical discharge rates of a UPS which tends to be closer to C/1, the batteries would only hold about 6AH or 7AH. So 6AH*6V*3=about 108WH. This is pretty close to reserve time estimates factoring conversion efficiency.

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