We are hiring builders and administrators!
You'll need to send us email to become a God on IllusionMUD.

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Requirements for becoming a God:

  • Have an email address on file(Non-waivable)
  • Level 20 character, preferably a magic-casting player, can be multiclass (can be waived or reduced)
  • Done one or more of these to show you know the Dragonlance Saga/Rules/World:
  • Show that you are a responsible MUD Administrator (References is a possible way to satisfy, must be an email)
  • Get approval from either Takhisis or Soth. Takhisis overrules Soth (i.e. if Soth agrees and Takhisis does not, Godship will be revoked.)
  • Promotions are given to people who truely show dedication to the MUD.
    Demotions and deletion are possible for nonactivity. There will be minimum requirements for logging onto the MUD for routine online meetings scheduled by email.
    Send email to mud+god@q.dyndns.org to initiate the request. Requests online may be entertained but this email with a valid email address is MANDITORY and the only exception to this rule is if you're a real life friend of either Soth or Takhisis. We WILL be corresponding to all Gods by email, and we do not disclose identities/email addresses of any players unless explicitly requested (in either help or on webpages.)

    There is a non-mud bulletin board that you can post questions on, too. Check out the local MUD bboard (you'll need to apply for an account) at Midgar's Mess Builders and Coders. Also Illusion's general bboard is at Midgar's Mess too.

    THERE SHALL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE EMAIL POLICY. We really want to communicate with you guys in a direct method.