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Welcome to IllusionMUD! IllusionMUD II is a DIKU-based CIRCLE 3 based MUD and was primarily built for the heck of it. To access the MUD, please telnet q.dyndns.org 4000 at an UNIX prompt, or use tintin++, Zmud, or your favorite mud client.

The world of where good meets evil, and the power of magic and even life is at stake. Will the Evil Takhisis and her minions conquer all of Ansalon, or will Paladine and his followers maintain goodness and light as they struggle for a greater understanding of the world they live in?

IllusionMUD, started in 1994 as "CMU MUD", is a Dragonlance-Saga adhering Multi-User Dungeon. For the most part, the world is designed to mimic what Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman wrote about in their best selling trilogy, The Chronicles. IllusionMUD is also non p-kill, meaning you may not attack other connected players on the MUD (for the most part. High level Gods can turn the global flag on to allow player kills but usually no need to). This choice was made since many of the players made an interest in non-pkill, plus the fact that well, the mobs are harder to kill than most players. Occasionally players with notorious behavior may be offerred for player killing.
A user-based option for player killing is being thought about. For other cases, there is a "PC Fighting Arena" where players can kill each other if they want, at no risk to their equipment or experience points. Good way to practice skills (spells) though. (Note: we found some spells tend to instantly kill other players but are impossible to cast in time versus warriors as they will be bash/interrupted, and mage vs. mage battles would be "first/fastest cast wins". Anyway please try it out! We're also trying to adhere to the Dragonlance Saga, but rather loosely. We are generally trying to adhere to the pre-cataclysm days but there may be some hiccups in the chronology, it's all in the name of fun.

Lots of changes are in store for the MUD, and new users are encouraged to login and have fun!

Note that this MUD is still in ALPHA mode and you can see things that may change unexpectedly. Because of the alpha state, we cannot guarantee anything to remain constant and can't always reimburse for losses. If you don't do anything real funny, the MUD is relatively stable and you won't lose items nor experience (unless you do the obvious stuff!) Brownie points to all those who report bugs, especially those that could negatively affect yourself!

Interesting Features on Illusion MUD:
  • Player Classes
    Acceptable PC classes include: Ranger, Thief, Knight, Cleric, Mage, Warrior, and Druid; Multiclassing is available.
  • Multiclass System
    Combinations are limited to the following classes: Warrior, Ranger, Cleric, Thief, Mage, and valid PC Multiclasses are: Warrior/Cleric, Warrior/Cleric/Mage, Mage/Thief, Cleric/Thief, Cleric/Ranger, etc.
  • Alignment
    You'll need to be somewhat careful with alignment, especially magic casters, as they are all God based as in the books, and if you annoy your God...
  • Spell Slots
    Spellcasting is based on memorization, much like the Dragonlance Advanced Dungeons and Dragons/TSR RP games and gamesets.
  • Player Races
    Acceptable PC races include: Qualinesti Elf, Silvanesti Elf, Hill Dwarf, Mountain Dwarf, Kender, Minotaur, Kagonesti Elf, Dargonesti Elf, Barbarian, Gnome, Trolls, Ogres, and Gully Dwarves. Each race has its own respective bonuses and set of multiclasses.
  • Casting Alignment and Affiliations
    Each PC which is a casting class must choose a deity to represent him/her in order to attain these special abilities. To attain them, one must petition to a respective immortal (or any Greater God). There are defaults to help keep the MUD going.
  • Inter-MUD Chat
    IllusionMUD uses the ICE-MAN inter-MUD chat client so even if your friends are on another MUD on the ICE-MAN network, you can still chat with them seamlessly. ICE-MAN is a GPL server/client system to connect to the inter-MUD network.
  • There are many new skills and features being added to the MUD. The help files are hopefully being edited frequently, as well as the NEWS command.

    IllusionMUD Message Board All admin posts will likely be put here instead of on the in-MUD boards.

    Information if you want to be a Builder or other God on IllusionMUD
    IllusionMUD II Features
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    ftp://q.dyndns.org/mud - IllusionMUD Public Archives
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    Top Deaths :( ... Alas, we see these, so you get to see them too :p
    Please use the free equipment we've given to all new characters. All players get a basic set of equipment upon generation, which includes just about all armor, some food, water, and a weapon. Mages get their first spellbook. Note that all of this equipment, when dropped, will self-destruct so don't put them on the ground if you still want the equipment. Exception is the bag that you can use to fill with stuff you might want to put down temporarily.

    Send/mail system comments to mud@q.dyndns.org

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    IllusionMUD is not associated with TSR nor SSI and is providing this service for the sole purpose of enjoyment by friends of the designers of the MUD. This MUD is an interpretation of the said works and may not be the original intent of the authors. This mud is not and may not be used for commercial use. IllusionMUD isi also not in any way affiliated with the larger ArcticMUD or Luminous Horizons, and no designers have even played those MUDs. Any similarities seen with those MUDs are purely coincidental or is due to modelling by TSR/SSI. Similarities with Sojourn/Duris/TorilMUD are purely accidental as there have been God Designers who played those muds. Similarities with Daggerfall MUD can be attributed to the Implementor doing coding for the said MUD while IllusionMUD after the old server casted "Slay Living" on it, which ended up being "incapacitated, and slowly would die if not aided".