Due to the grave condition of Tulita, the ECUView project has been postponed indefinately as she was the main and sole test platform for the device. Her illness is critical and needs serious medical attention.

Basically she wasn't very healthy to begin with and I was merely keeping her from getting any worse (just the same as any car enthusiast, change oil, check filters, replace belts, etc.) Those who know me may have seen her coughing and wheezing, well, I wish you guys would have told me earlier; then I could have sued someone for breaking the law selling her to me in such ill condition without disclosing the fact. Alas, it's nobody's fault but my own to take on such a sickly car, but with all that comes a lot of experience points, and in stuff I never would imagine. I would not have touched microcontrollers or even a stick shift transmission without the years I've had her, and I would have missed out those nice long drives down the Pacific Coast Highway to relax and stop thinking about... electronics...
Well, now the "green" cops are after her big time and either I get her healthy again (or bandaid, or BRIBE, which appeared to be what happened the last time she had to face the enviro-nazis - which is the "sue" aspect) or else she'll be forced to car heaven :-( I guess she can stay in the hospital (the garage) indefinately awaiting a buyer, repairs, or the scrap heap unlike when I was out in California where I'd be stuck with deadweight. I guess I'm glad I never got smogchecked in California. That would have been a deadly mistake, or at least a pain in the butt to do a cross-state line small claims lawsuit.

Well What's wrong?

Women love jewelry. I think Tulita wants new rings :-( I hate jewlery. Granted, I'd rather get these rings then any diamond or gold ring, but she can't put them on by herself... Poorman's leakdown didnt show much though. With the impending doom of the clutch plate also wearing out (100K Miles, well, it's a long haul and it's bound to be thin now though it seems ok still), I'm lamenting on what to do with her.

Donations to the Save Tulita fund? yeah, right... I wish I sold many more of these ECUViews so I could fund repairing her, sorry for all those who asked for one but I never got out, it really hurts me more than anyone now...
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