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Ouka - PVR

Intel Core i3-4160 3.6GHz (dual core)
12GB (8G+4G) DDR3-1600 SDRAM in an Asus H61M-C
Onboard PCI Ethernet (Realtek 8169 GBit Ethernet)
Samsung SH-S203B DVD±RW
FMI Wireless Keyboard/Mouse
2TB Western Digital Green HD
Onboard Intel Haswell Graphics
Samsung HLN-437W1X 43" DLP Monitor
AVerMedia Micronas nGene ATSC DVB
Hauppauge ATSC DVB
MicroATX HTPC case, 300W PSU

64-bit Gentoo Linux - MythTV Frontend and Backend, MySQL server.

Ouka (of the clan 'Divine Fist', pronounced O"ka) is a lycanthrope, a special player-character in "The World" of the anime series .hack//Legend of the Twilight Bracelet (also simply as .hack//Dusk - initial translation the "dusk" and "twilight" were swapped). She can change from wolf to humanoid form at will, minus the extra set of wolf ears, wolf fangs, and wolf paw pads on her feet. Her strength is physical melee attacks, which do quite a bit of damage without weapons. Oddly enough (at least not yet) she never fights in wolf form and prefers punching and kicking while in humanoid form. She is friends with the wavemaster "Rare Item! Rare Item!" Mirelle. About as impressive as Inuyasha but not sure what the outcome of her versus Tsume or even Blue or Toboe...

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