Tiny Radio Controlled Cars

"Little Bit," MicroSizers/BitChar-G Red 27MHz "3rd Generation" Mazda RX7
It's stock, unfortunately :(

  • 2.2(x104 RPM) Motor
  • 50mA*H NiCd Battery
  • Smooth rubber slicks
  • Pending Mod list:

  • 120mA*H NiMH Battery
  • 2.6-3.8(x104 RPM) Motor
  • Pseudo-Proportional steering
  • Pseudo-Throttle control
  • I now have one MicroSizer (Bit-Char-G), one ZipZap, and one Bit-CharA 'Precious'. Let me tell you to avoid the Bit-CharA. I could not get it to go straight, and it is the cheapest of the bunch as it is a true knock-off of the Bit-CharG. However, if you must get a fast stock drag racer, the Bit-CharA seems to be faster than the stock Bit-CharG and absolutely blows away the stock zipzap. I don't know about the newer RatShak offerings though.

    Now In my garage:

  • Microsizer/BitCharG Red Mazda RX7 3G (pictured)
  • Zip Zap Yellow Ford Mustang Cobra
  • BitCharA White Subaru Impreza STi (ugh... not AWD)
  • The pictured MicroSizers Impreza WRX is not in my garage anymore, I gave it away.
  • MPEG/AVIs! encoded with libavcodec (Tested on mplayer(Linux) and Windows Media Player under Windows XP with DivX;-) 4 codec)

    Most are around 140-200Kbytes and less than 15 seconds.

    See the Gallery for a tiny replica of my full size Impreza!
    Driving Aroundrx7m1.avi
    Burnout (fake simulation of course :-)rx7b1.mpg not available
    Microsizer RX7 smoking Zip Zap Mustang Cobra in a drag racepb180068.avi
    Microsizer RX7 smoking Zip Zap Mustang Cobra in a drag race #2pb180069.avi
    CO MicroRC Listhttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/MicroRC

  • Bit Char-G "Bit Dra-G" Drag Racing Rules [http://tinyrc.com/articles/bitdra-g/bitdra-g.pdf]