s0rc's Warcraft 3 webpage (http://dota.q.dyndns.org) and miscellaneous random maps archive/backup

It doesn't make sense why this map is *so* hard to find and even harder to download, so here's a copy, just to be nice; nicer than all those who kick you when it goes 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ...

No, this is just random site who wants to make it easier to find war3 maps. You can get a copy of DOTA Allstars in the misc maps archive.

Download official versions of Defense of the Ancients here, just click on the links, they should come up as MIME type application/warcraft3-map which should trigger a download.

(Careful, do not rename (not even case) and make sure you only have one copy when copying into your downloaded maps directory (NO TILDE-NUMBER names like ~1 and make sure all the "%20"'s are changed to spaces, etc.!!!) in
"C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Maps\Download\" ) :

Click for DOTA3_8.w3m [an error occurred while processing this directive] bytes. This is not official.
Click for DOTA3_7.w3m DOTA3_7.w3m is the official version by Fluffy_Bunny (sadly, is it Fluffy? i.e., Sesshomaru?) Check maps directory for older 3.7 betas.
[an error occurred while processing this directive] bytes. (est. 8 mins for 56K, less than 1 minute if fast link) Fix for Warcraft3 1.17

Note: Betas have potentially serious bugs.

Click for DOTA3_6d.w3m Defense of the Ancients, Version 3.6d: *Reign of Chaos UNOFFICIAL FIX but Defacto standard FOR 1.17* ([an error occurred while processing this directive] bytes, estimate: 8 minutes at 56Kbps).

This is totally UNOFFICIAL but it's still playable and works well. Post unofficial DotA chat here and any other Flames here. Though it was intended for unofficial stuff, official stuff is fine. Just don't post TWC links :-)

DOTA 3_95c.w3x Defense of the Ancients, Version 3.95c: *Frozen Throne LATEST* ([an error occurred while processing this directive] bytes.) For Warcraft III TFT 1.17 patch
DOTA Classic 1.5.w3x Kegsta's Defense of the Ancients, Classic: *Frozen Throne* Don't know why he's reusing an old name for a newer TFT Map... ([an error occurred while processing this directive] bytes). TFT 1.15 patch

Download times will vary. Please ensure you have 256MB of RAM _minimum_, ideally 384MB RAM to use Warcraft3, especially DOTA which really needs at least closer to the 384MB mark.

Note: DotA is a well-developed game now. Most players of DotA are pretty much experts. Expect your @$$ to get whipped if you join a random game, especially if you're not on the game creator's team. And if you do land on the game creator's team, expect to get kicked. Most games are pretty much pre-arranged teams nowadays and they don't want people who don't play well on their team. So, basically, if you want to play a game that you have any fair chance at winning, you need to create your own game and somehow randomize the players...

s0rc (for Slow Orc, not Sorcerer) plays Defense of the Ancients and "Free Everything/Unlimited Food" games. s0rc is not very good at DOTA, and he can not play melee at all. If you can help, that would be appreciated, help out your teammates with hints.
He only can play: (Sentinels) Celeste/Purity's Disciple or (Scourge) Venomancer. Most likely will choose: Dwarven Sniper, Soulrenderer, Luna, or Storm Spirit as alternates. Either way, he loves telefragging...

These two following maps are for those macromanagers out there.

Free Everything games are games that all units are free. The objective is to wipe out all your opponents' buildings. Never stop building units. That's how you lose these games. Also look out for cheat maps.

Unlimited food only: Very similar to Free Everything games. The tactic is you must make sure your money is effectively being used. Unused money is like stopping building in the Free Everything games.
no limit shared bases.w3m

Remember when playing, if you piss off your teammates, even if that teammate is doing poorly, they can make your team lose even FASTER and you'll be unable to compensate. You can work around a bad player. You can hint at what they are doing wrong. Please be courteous. You DON'T want one of your teammates to be pissed and just *sit* there (or even worse, backstab) when he/she gets upset at YOUR abusive comments. This is worse than just leaving the game by far. You'll be stuck with a hero/units you can't use and does nothing good on your team. Yes, making them want to quit can help if you know you're good, but what if they don't?

Why this hint for players to do this? There's all these little kiddies playing War3 now that deserve a little slap. This is just a game. Nothing is perfect. You win some you lose some, and making the game not fun for someone else can have deeper consequences. It happens all the time not only in games. Be careful of what you say. You should keep in mind that both teams have equal chances of getting bad players, or at least that SHOULD be the case. Be prepared to lose if the other team was prearranged however - you should blame THEM for setting you up, or blame YOURSELF for not doing the same. Really, it's quite unfair when you have a prearranged team versus a random team - that's why Blizzard doesn't do this for ladder - and this should be disallowed or discouraged in open games as well. Thus don't complain - NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR YOU WHINE that the CotA or SA sucks.

This doesn't apply for players on the opposite team, feel free to do whatever you want, of course. You can quickly make people leave early and waste all that time you spent setting up and getting the game going too. It might be a good thing, for ladder games, but shut the **** up for larger custom games.

I'll keep this page updated sometime: This is a directory backup of all the maps that I've collected while playing Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.

s0rc's Backup Map Directory. Some of them might be old. YMMV. Use at your own risk.

This web page is ugly because you didn't spend the time making it pretty. You got what you wanted, right? If so, is it really that ugly? If not, then GO AWAY.
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