Some stuff dealing with OpenStreetMap

I've been trying to build a full USA map for the Garmin Nuvi. Due to the ever increasing size of OSM, it's been a challenge. The only way to reduce map sizes is to reduce data...

I have made an experimental Full USA Garmin map using OpenStreetMap data. It is based off of OpenMapChest but looks completely different due to the sacrifices made to get the entire US (Continental USA plus Alaska and Hawaii) to fit in 4GB, the limit of the Garmin on a FAT32 SecureDigital card. It does so by further simplifying things and omitting a lot of stuff including landuse polygons, was a sacrifice needed to fit:

  • building silhouettes
  • parking lot silhouettes
  • landuse (industrial, residential) and natural areas
  • some short driveways and service roads
  • grass, trees, park areas
  • suburb highlights
  • Electrical towers
  • Short and intermittent streams
  • Some small ponds and all marshes/swamps are gone
  • Golfing features
  • Leisure areas including ones in private property, residential areas, and schools
  • TIGER addresses
  • Physical road blockages, which may be added back
  • Features that would like to be added back, size permitting... but looks very bleak:
    TIGER addresses, Parks, farmland, and natural protected area landuse

    The main focus for this map was for automotive navigation. It still includes bicycle and pedestrian routes. And as always, I am not responsible for people driving their cars off a cliff due to errors on the map.

    You'll need to use bittorrent and copy the resultant gmapsupp.img into \Garmin\gmapsupp.img of an SD card to use this. Make sure you also select the map using the menus on your device.

    The maps provided here are Copyright OpenStreetMap Contributors, including myself as an OSM contributor.

    Note: timestamp is:
    where YEAR is 4 digit year, MO is 2 digit month, DD is 2 digit date, T is the letter T, HH=2 digit hour, MM=2 digit minute, SS=2 digit second, Z is the letter Z. This is the last edit that was incorporated into the map. 237968 bytes, Download size: 2970.9 MiB bytes, Download size: 2964.2 MiB