Kotoko - the other, tiny Persicom in the Anime series Chobits

Kotoko is my cellular phone that I carry around as a communications device. It was released in 2009, making it quite an ancient phone by today's standards, yet I've not seen another phone with the capabilities and freedom this phone provides. Having a miniature X11 based OS makes porting much easier.

Spec Sheet:
Nokia N900 - ARM Cortex8 600MHz
256MB boot flash ROM
32GB eMMC: 2GB system, .75GB swap, 29GB user (3GB used for maps)
Screen: 3.5" 800x480 transflective (visible in many lighting situations), resistive touch sensor with stylus
Radios: GSM Quad band, WCDMA 3.5G 900/1700/2100MHz, Bluetooth, FM radio receiver and transmitter, 802.11b/g
Receivers: GPS with assist
Cameras: 5MP autofocus main camera, 0.3MP video conference camera
Expansion: 1 Micro SD HC slot, USB on-the-go with hacks.
Battery: Nokia BL-5J 1320mAh 3.7V Lithium Ion
OS: Linux Maemo 5 (a Debian derivative)
Identity: Standard SIM card, T-Mobile USA

Expansion items:
USB-A Female-Female adaptor, converts regular MicroUSB cable to OTG
16GB MicroSD card (1.25GB used as swap)
Bluetooth earpiece

BL5J testing
I have a few BL5J's now to power Kotoko via battery swaps if I don't have the charger handy. I needed to estimate battery condition...

CellModelYear PurchasedCapacityEst. CapacityV1V2Test ResistorDC Internal Impedence
Nokia N900BL-5J201313201300?3.813.7410Ω187mΩ
JapodBL-5J201013501300 min4.013.9310Ω203mΩ
Nokia 5230BL-5J201013201000?NANA10ΩNA