My Quaint DECstation 3100

'Diablo' is my DECstation 3100. It's hooked up to my LAN through a 10baseT transceiver to the AUI port. However, it's usually turned off, this thing is slower than a space heater - pretty much every single one of my PCs are faster than this machine.

Its stats:

  • DECstation 3100
  • DEC Storage Expansion Unit
  • Yamaha CRW-8424S 8x/4x/24x Ultra Narrow SCSI External CDRW (ID:5)
  • Exabyte 8205 8mm 2GB SCSI1 half height tape drive
  • SCSI Expansion Bay
  • DEC 15" Color VR160-DA Monitor, Made by Hitachi/Japan
  • DEC External RZ56 hard drive (634M) Ultrix 4.4
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