Fujin (and Raijin)

Fujin is one of the misfit duo villans in Final Fantasy 8. You see her around her friend Raijin all of the time.
Fujin is an HP Omnibook 600CT notebook, 9.5" TFT LCD display, 486DX4/75MHz, 16 MB RAM, 520MB PCMCIA HDD, and uses the Xircom PCMCIA 10/100 Ethernet card.
Incidently, the 520MB PCMCIA hard drive is named 'Fujin' and the secondary 122MB hard drive (PCMCIA) that I use in the machine when I need more storage is named 'Raijin'.
I also have a 2GB Toshiba PCMCIA HDD, but it makes the general use PCMCIA slots unuseable when plugged in *sigh*